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Tackling DIY projects can feel overwhelming sometimes. Especially when it's something completely new to you! We're here to help you get started, rest assured.





Form a plan

Before you start hanging your decorative wall panels or fretwork, carefully decide where they should be placed. Now is a great time to also consider all the major details of your accent wall DIY project. If you first consider the points below, it'll make gathering materials and getting started a breeze.

Things to consider for creating decorative wall panels:

- Desired overall size of your panel(s)

- How many panels you need for your wall(s)

- Placement of panels on wall(s)

- Distance between panels on wall(s)

- Distance from trim/corners/ceiling/etc. of wall panel(s)

- Factor in any obstructions like wall outlets/switches/etc.

Things to consider for creating a fretwork wall:

- Which design fits your vision (we have 3 styles to chose from)

- Total square footage you need to cover

- Factor in any obstructions like wall outlets/switches/etc.

Regardless of what your plan is, drawing up a quick visual sketch of what your plan is, can greatly help. Think of it as a blueprint! 


Gather tools and supplies you already have

Now is a great time to blow the dust off that level, and find your old tape measure. Collect anything you think you'd need to work on your project. This way when you head to your local Lowe's you know exactly what you already have and what you have to pick up! Our Build and Batten projects can be done with minimal tools, BUT below are a few things you may need.

Tools you need:

- Tape measure

- Level

- Square

- Pencil

- Painters tape

- Construction adhesive

Optional tools you may need:

- Razor knife

- Hacksaw

- Nail setter & brad nails

- Spackling paste

- Fine grit sandpaper

- Paintable silicone caulk & caulk gun

- Acrylic latex paint with primer

- Paint brushes


Head to your local Lowe's

Now that you have a plan, and you know what tools you have/what tools you will need to pick up. Whether you intend to add a couple of decorative wall panels or fill a full wall with ornate fretwork panels, you can get all you in one spot. Make a list and head on over to your local Lowe's to get started!

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