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How To Install
Full Assembled Panels

Things to consider:
  • Choose size of your panel:
    16in x 18in OR 18in x 24in

  • How many panels you need for your wall

  • Arrangement & placement of panels

  • Distance between panels

  • Distance from trim/corners/ceiling

  • Furniture arrangements afterward

  • Obstructions like wall outlets & switches

Tools You Will Need:

Tools You May Need:

Brad Nailer + Nails

Nail Setter

Spackling Paste

Putty Knife

Sanding Block

Paintable Silicone Caulk

Acrylic Latex Paint With Primer



Cut a scrap piece of wood to the exact size you desire for space between your panels. This will allow you to quickly & easily ensure all panels have the same spacing.


Your Size

16in x 20in or

18in x 24in

Let's get started!

Follow Along Step-By-Step

Step 1: Form a plan

Before diving in, carefully decide how you’d like your panels to be placed on your wall. We recommend sketching out your plan to get a better idea of how it will look. You can also use painters tape to temporarily create panels on your wall for a real life visual.

Step 2: Measure & mark wall

Clean wall surface, allow to dry. Using your measuring tape and a level, measure & mark wall at the desired height of the panels. Next measure & mark spacing from the edge of the wall or corner.

Step 4: Attach to wall

Using either construction adhesive or brad nails attached to your wall. Temporarily use painters tape to hold panel in place while you work through the remaining panel installation.

5. Repeat the process

Continue working through the remaining panels needed until your desired look is complete. To save time measuring, use a cut block to the exact spacing you need for your panels. 

Step 6: Finish

Any seams can be caulked and smoothed out. Nail holes can be filed with wood filler, then sanded. Once dry, paint panels with acrylic latex paint & primer for a complete, polished look.

Detailed Instruction Sheets:

Installation Video
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