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Let's Get Started



You’ll want to research what’s needed for your project, how to do it, how to finish it for you individual vision, how long it will take (roughly), etc. Don’t forget to search for inspiration of what you plan to create, it’ll help you greatly! 

Gather Tools + Materials

Take a few moments to collect anything you think you'd need to work on your project. Can’t find something you really need? Consider borrowing from a friend or a family member.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

You will save yourself loads of time, money, and patience if you first take the time to prepare. Start planning after you’ve done your research. Make a list of needed supplies, materials, tools, etc. Keep a set of instructions handy and ready to reference at all times.

Be Safe

Make sure you’ve eliminated anything that may cause accidents. Clean up your work space to avoid things like trip hazards, open flames, improper ventilation etc. Ask a friend or a family member to spot you if using a ladder, grab your ear protection if using power tools, always wear your safety glasses and keep a pair of gloves handy.



Cut a scrap piece of wood to the exact size you desire for space between your panels. This will allow you to quickly & easily ensure all panels have the same spacing.

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