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Using Tools

How To Install
Mosaic Fretwork

Things to consider:
  • Overall sq. footage of your room

  • Obstructions like wall outlets & switches

Tools You Will Need:

Tools You May Need:

Nail Setter

Putty Knife

Spackling Paste

Paintable Silicone Caulk

Acrylic Latex Paint With Primer

Sanding Block

Let's get started!

Follow Along Step-By-Step

Step 1: Form a plan

Before diving in, carefully calculate the total square feet of your wall. We recommend doing this beforehand to have a solid plan for how much product to get. 

Step 2: Measure & mark wall

Clean wall surface, allow to dry. Using your measuring tape and a level, find the center most point of the wall. Measure & mark wall for first initial panel placement. 

Step 3: Make any necessary cuts

Once you reach corners, ceilings, trim or obstructions, there may be cuts that are required. When needed, mark the panel accordingly, score first with a utility knife and finally cut through carefully with a hack saw. Repeat as needed.

Step 4: Attach to wall

Using either construction adhesive or brad nails attached to your wall. Temporarily use painters tape to hold fretwork in place while you continue working through the installation.

Step 5: Repeat the process

Continue working through the remaining fretwork panels needed until your desired look is complete. You'll most likely repeat steps 3-4 multiple times.

Step 6: Finish

Any seams can be caulked and smoothed out. Nail holes can be filed with wood filler, then sanded. Once dry, paint panels with acrylic latex paint & primer for a complete, polished look.

Detailed Instruction Sheets:

Installation Video

Mosaic Fretwork Calculator #1:

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